Overview Session Rooms

Here you'll find an overview of all session rooms. All of them are located in the main building of the university. For the exact location, please check out the floor plans.


HS = Hörsaal 

ÜR = Übungsraum

SR = Seminarraum

AUDIMAX lower ground floor
HS 7 raised ground floor
HS 16 raised ground floor
HS 21 raised ground floor
HS 23 first floor
HS 24 lower ground floor
HS 26 lower ground floor
HS 27 first floor
HS 30 first floor
HS 31 first floor
HS 32 first floor
HS 33 first floor
HS 34 raised ground floor
HS 41 first floor
HS 42 second floor
HS 45 second floor
HS 46 second floor
HS 47 second floor
HS 48 second floor
HS 50 second floor
ÜR Germanistik 1 second floor
ÜR Germanistik 2 second floor
ÜR Germanistik 3 second floor
ÜR Germanistik 4 second floor
ÜR Germanistik 5 second floor
ÜR Alte Geschichte lower ground floor
SR Geschichte 1 first floor
SR Geschichte 2 second floor
SR Geschichte 3 second floor
SR IÖGF first floor
Visitor Center first floor
Marietta Blau Saal raised ground floor
Elise Richter Saal first floor
Sitzungszimmer VAM

first floor

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